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FG Series Pre-set Torque Drivers

  • Torque screwdriver prevents operators from influencing the torque output when tightening fasteners.
  • Accuracy and precision delivered for all fastening applications.
  • Engineered with a cam-over mechanism, the poka-yoke screwdriver prevents over torque.
  • Advanced cam-over technology provides a completely smooth reset reducing the risk of users loosening fasteners or breakage.
  • Calibration life 4x ISO standards
  • Unique bearing system eliminates axial load and side load on the fastener applied by the operator.
  • Unmatched security of the tamper-proof internal adjustment. No external adjustment scale—must be preset using a torque analyzer.
  • Patented secure bit locking mechanism with one-touch release can only be activated by the user for greater flexibility of applications and efficiency on the line.
  • Reduced bit wear lowers the incidence of bits falling out, which can slow production or cause product damage.
  • All models provide bi-directional operation and are calibrated in either the CW or CCW direction.
  • Ergonomic handles are designed with fewer flutes and larger recesses to make the tools easier to hold, less likely to cause hand fatigue, and makes drivers easier to clean.
  • Enable quick and error-free tool and torque setting identification with four different color-coding label options.
  • Two year unlimited warranty.
  • Lifetime guarantee against manufacturing defects.
  • ISO 6789
The torque screwdriver is pre-set to the required torque value of the application. A preset torque screwdriver does not feature an external adjustment scale. These tools have an internal adjustment mechanism for setting the torque value and must be preset internally using a hex key and a torque tester. However, if the torque specification changes or a new project requires a different torque setting, the preset torque screwdriver is still flexible enough that a new torque setting can be set internally using a torque analyzer. The preferred and certified ranges of these tools is in accordance with the requirements of ISO 6789 (+/- 6% of indicated setting).
Part No.ModelLengthTorquePrice
100602710765465.2"0.8 - 8$248.00
100602720765475.2"2 - 20$248.00
100602730765486.3"4 - 40$248.00
100602740765496.3"25 - 125$259.00
100602760765515.2"0.8 - 8$323.00
100602770765525.2"2 - 20$248.00
100602780765536.3"4 - 40$259.00
100602790765536.3"25 - 125$323.00
100602810765565.2"0.8 - 8$248.00
100602820765575.2"2 - 20$248.00
100602830765586.3"4 - 40$259.00
100602840765586.3"25 - 125$323.00
100602860765615.2"0.8 - 8$248.00
100602870765575.2"2 - 20$248.00
100602880765636.3"4 - 40$259.00
100602890765636.3"25 - 125$323.00